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March 15, 2020

To be read to Prinest Paschal - by the nurses at IU North

Hi Dad. It’s Brandon. I’m simply sending a note on behalf of the whole family directly to you as you rest. I just want you to know we are right here with you through all of this. I know you’re just resting up, but just imagine us sitting right there with you holding your hand, because we are. More important than that, our Heavenly Father is right there with you and we can all be comforted that nothing catches Him by surprise. So as we are with you right now in spirit, I thought I’d send a quick update as because I know how much you love to hear how the grand babies are doing. 


Well ... Braeden has done his very challenging and important speech - he did a tremendous job as Patrick Henry. You might remember he memorized quite a long speech, and he recited the entire speech ... passionately too. He had all the inflections down!  We recorded it right in the family room so we can show it to you when the time is right. You would have loved his outfit - he looked like he walked right out of the 18th century —- buckle on the shoes and all. Last week, he tried out for a basketball team and he made one of the three teams! He has a nice step back jumper that just might impress you. I think he’s ready to play you in basketball whenever you’re ready. 


Olivia is still as amazing as she has been. I know you remember how you have been working with her in reading. She absolutely loves it. She read the whole book “10 apples up on top.” She even says “by Dr. Seuss.” It was tremendous to see her reading it all on her own. She’ll love reading it to you - she’s definitely a reader as you know - So we keep reading on and on. 


Everett and I have been talking with one another often which is great. We’ve been in touch with Brenda regularly each day. I spoke to Aunt Nessa and Uncle Maurice and they are all in Florida. As you might imagine, they’ve gotten some motorcycles and are riding around.  Please rest knowing everyone is well. 


Your daughter, Elaina, is still taking good care of us and we continue to keep you earnestly in our prayers here at the house. 


The whole family, our friends, and our churches continue to keep you lifted up in prayers. We are trusting God in as real a way as ever. We are staying in good touch with the medical staff, multiple times a day. We pray for them as well. 


I can feel you holding our hands as we pray together to close, so let me grab yours and share a few scriptures we can rest in ...


Psalm 31:14

But I trust in you Lord, I say, “You are my God.”


Psalm 56:3

When I am afraid, I will trust in you.


Psalm 13:5

But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.  


So I guess you could say the 4 words for today’s sermon would be “We are trusting God.”


We’ll send another message really soon. I love you so much dad. Words will never be enough, but I look forward (and we all look forward) to talking with you very soon. 


On behalf of the family.



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